Public Notice Willful Defaulter(S)

We, The Standard Online Finance Company Limited, Hereby give this public notices as under, That loan heartbreaking amounts of money had sanctioned, disbursed to the below mention persons/entities. And that the borrowers have deliberately defaulted in the repayment of principal portion of the loan amount and some other have intentionally defaulted in the both interest and principal portion of the loan facility obtained by them from our institution.

Several noticed were issued to them under section 13 (2) of Security Interest Act, 2002 on their last known offices/home addresses, phones, emails as provided to us by them. This includes numerous personal one on one approach but all were fruitless. Consequently, The said loans and its accrued interest have been classified as Non Performing Assets (NPAs) in the books of our financial records/data and the borrowers are therefore have been declared as Willful Defaulters.

As per Debt Recovery Tribunal Regulations, All the below mention persons/establishments are defaulted borrowers to the best of our knowledge and belief and base on Debt Recovery Fair Practices, We are entitle to recover the principal portion of the loans and accrued interest along with trust breach penalty from the persons/entities. Although the borrowers were absconding and wanted. Rewards/Bounty will be offer for any reasonable information leading to possible arrest of them.

For this, The borrowers names and photographs are given below:-

Chandrasekar Ashok Kumar (Willful Defaulter)

Archer William Hillary (Willful Defaulter)

Diego Vladmir Shirikova (Willful Defaulter)

Mohammed Al-Islam Khan Abdullah (Willful Defaulter)

Jinping Xao Aung Widodo (Willful Defaulter)

Aisha Samira Hussein (Willful Defaulter)

By this public notice, We inform, intimate, complain, and warn the public at large not to deal with aforesaid persons/entities/establishments in any manner either by loans, purchase, service, transfer, license, business and or in any manner whatsoever and not to grant any financial instruments to the aforesaid borrowers. If anyone will deal with any of them that the same will not be binding to us and that s/he shall not get any rights and such persons/establishments are doing so at their own risk etc.

The information as above is published for the knowledge of the Public, Banks, Police, NBFCs, Debt Recovery Tribunals, M-SMEs and all others dealing or intended to deal with aforesaid persons/establishments. The Standard Online Finance Company Limited in exercise of its rights has filled suit in the Arbitral Tribunal against the Borrowers, Mortgagors and their Guarantors and that the Court of Law in exercise of powers conferred on its have passed repayment order. In the event of failure to repay/comply with, Then that our institution shall be constrained to take appropriated action against the borrowers properties, assets, and or against their Guarantors etc.

Sd /-
Board of Directors
For Standard Online Finance Company Limited

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